TxtReaderXpress 3.0.3941

TxtReaderXpress converts any text into audio and reads text

"TxtReaderXpress converts any text into audio. As it speaks, it can highlight the spoken words or sentences. TxtReaderXpress supports ePub, eBook, Windows XPS, Rich Text Format, plain text format, .

docx and PDF (extracted text) files. TxtReaderXpress is made up of six easy-to-use text to speech readers: Rich Text Document Reader/Editor, ePub eBook Reader, Microsoft XPS Reader, DOCX Document Reader, Web Browser, and Dictionary.

You can not only listen to anything you need to read, but you can also dictate the text to the computer and it will type your dictation. Autocomplete feature will display possible matches for characters that are entered by the user referring to the selected dictionary or wordlist.

With a build-in web browser, you can view any web news on the internet, and have the computer read any part of the news, chatting messages, and emails.

It’s an ideal tool for practicing and learning foreign languages and runs on most Windows operating systems. It’s popular with business people, educators, writers, students, language learners and those with visual or vocal impairment, or learning disabilities.